Memories have neither beginning nor end. They’re not like books or films, entangled in dramaturgical rules. They are instances of a second that are dedicated to feeling, sound or a blink of light, engraved in our consciousness for eternity. Fragments of life, located in the liminal space between beginning and end. That in-between that doesn’t fit any frames.

Same as photography - a moment of light that dissolved in silver dust on film. It can be long or short but either way, it encompasses an instant. Landing somewhere in-between our consciousness and reality. Same as memories - somewhere in-between.

LAIKINAI ATIDARYTA (en. TEMPORARILY OPEN) - is a series of photos situated in-between the past and the present. Among our memories and household, without beginning nor end. These photos speak in moments, however they evoke stories within us, provoke nostalgia, a quiet melancholy or an ironic grin. Something that cannot be seen in the photo, but is synthesised within each of us individually.

With the support of the Cultural Council of Lithuania in 2019, two cinematographers Lina Margaityte and Marius Krivicius started traversing small Lithuanian towns and villages, capturing front facing facades of local stores (lit. PARDUOTUVĖ) using medium format film camera. The choice to document local shops came from trying to find socio-cultural symbols that signify each town or village, something that reflects both their past and the current while evoking an emotion.

Here on this website under each photograph of a store you can find the exact location and precise time, time when the light, caught by the shutter has landed on film. An engraving of the present, that exists between the past and the future. Somewhere in-between our consciousness and commonness.

Concept and Photography by: Lina Margaitytė, Marius Krivičius.

Illustrations by: Pijus Čeikauskas.